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Independent English Language Test

IELT (Independent English Language Test) is an English language proficiency exam accredited by the British Council D.W.C, aimed at ages 7 to 14. It has been designed in accordance with the Common European Framework (CEF), and requires a Tablet PC to be utilized. Taking into consideration the ages of the students, the duration of the exam is 55 minutes.

IELT comprises five sections and assesses students separately in listening, reading, spoken production, spoken interaction and writing skills, as well as the sub-skills of grammar and vocabulary. The exam incorporates both photographs and videos, and the speaking component of the test is delivered through the use of earphones and microphones.

IELT comprises five sections.

IELT is unique in that it delivers a totally new English proficiency exam using Tablet PCs, supported by smart intelligence. This innovative use of technology ensures that each student’s ongoing answers are continually evaluated in order to provide further questions at the appropriate level of competency for the student being tested. This means that each student’s questions are different from other students’ questions.

In other words, IELT delivers a completely personalised exam to each student, and an accurate assessment of each students English proficiency level in each separate skill.

In addition, all students who complete the exam are awarded certificates accredited by the British Council.


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