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In-service Training

The actual success of a school is related to how much ongoing education it provides to its teachers rather than to its students. Finland, for example, which is today the undisputed leader in the field of education worldwide, places great importance and allocates many hours of in-service training to its teachers. The number of in-service training hours provided to teachers around the world has reached 10% in some countries.

At the same time as acknowledging the importance of ongoing in-service training for all teachers, it must also be understood that this type of in-school training fails to provide teachers with a broader perspective of modern language education. With regard to English Language education, all would agree on the immeasurable value to teachers of spending time and obtaining education in an English speaking country.

International Independent Schools Authority is committed to supporting teacher education through the provision of quality in-service training in an English speaking environment. In compliance with this aim, International Independent Schools Authority is offering to provide free in-service training abroad, as well as free accommodation and the coverage of travel expenses by international sponsorship. Schools interested in benefiting from this offer should apply to İn2schools. In order to apply on behalf of your school, you need to send the following e-mail.

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